Car Air Conditioning System

Why early spring is the best time to schedule your car Air Con system?

Spring is busting out all over here in Exeter.  I love that the air is warmer and flowers are beginning to perk up again! We’ll soon be trading in our boots and gloves for shorts and flip-flops (well, maybe not just yet…).   As you are probably thinking about spring-cleaning your house, why don’t you do[…]

Five symptoms of a bad or failing starter

Imagine you have to go somewhere, you rely on your car to take you to your destination seamlessly and comfortably as usual. You are already envisaging the smooth ride, your favourite radio show in the background, the heater on, maybe a cup of coffee on your side (careful with that!). Then, you open the door[…]

frost side viewer

Car won’t start in the cold? Possible causes and how to prevent them.

It’s that time of the year again – cold dark mornings, frosty weather, icy roads and of course… non-starting engines.   You are already late for the school run or you should be on your way to a crucial meeting and, to make things worse, your car won’t start. Why? What can you do? There’s[…]

Gifts Christmas 2017

Our Top Car Gadgets for Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 is quickly approaching. Whilst this brings copious amounts of excitement for many, the season also brings doubt and fear for some. The pressures of gift buying can be a lot to take on, but fear not – at Exminster Garage, we like to help our clients wherever possible. Car gadgets are a brilliant,[…]