Car Service Exeter

Car Service Exeter

Government research has found that independent garages are on average 40% cheaper than main dealers, but still offer the same quality and service. Established circa 1920, Exminster Garage has over 100 years experience of car servicing and repairs, allowing us to take on almost every challenge.

Regular servicing ensures that a car runs well and limits the risk of costly repairs by identifying issues early. Frequent checks will also improve the resale value of your vehicle. If you are looking for help with your vehicle, this Exeter garage is just what you need, we provide a professional, affordable and convenient service.

Our mechanics specialise in all aspects of servicing, and we are able to offer the following as often as required:

  • Visual inspection: bodywork defects
  • Oil and filter replacement
  • Windscreen wash top-up
  • Coolant level check and top-up
  • Front, rear, side and main lights check
  • Horn check
  • Hazard lights and indicator check
  • Vehicle road test
  • Front windscreen check
  • Hand brake check
  • Battery check
  • Anti-freeze content check
  • Power steering fluid level check
  • Air filter check
  • Wiring check
  • Door and mirror check
  • Radiator check
  • Suspension check
  • Cambelt check

Our qualified mechanics can check, replace and fully inspect your motor to ensure that it’s consistently roadworthy and running smoothly.

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Why is regular car servicing critical?

In 2012, the AA reported that as many as 50% of its 3.4 million call-outs were a result of poor car maintenance. The AA is called to a breakdown every nine seconds and attended over 820,000 breakdowns in summer 2013.

But potential breakdowns are not the only reason to consider the importance of regular servicing. According to the Department of Transport, over 38% of cars failed initial MOT tests and 29.1% failed the final assessment in the 2014/ 2015 testing cycle. Failure to pass an MOT is often be the result of poor car servicing.

Reasons for MOT failures do vary but the highest percentages relate to lighting and signalling (18.4%), suspension (12%), and brake issues (9.6%). The majority of these issues can be addressed during the servicing process. A top quality car service ensures that your vehicle meets the manufacturer’s specifications and the parts used meet or exceed requirements.

A 2014, a report in the Telegraph cited that almost 50% of used car buyers ignore advertised cars without a full-service history. Additionally, a patchy or nonexistent service history can cost you as much as a quarter of the value of your car. A regular car service can also improve fuel efficiency and cut down on running costs.

Choose Your Local Exeter Garage

We are an independent garage in Exeter and have your safety at the forefront of our operations. We give unbiased advice and recommendations to all of our customers, so they trust and rely on us time and time again. You won’t find any surprise charges, as we’ll only carry out work that we’ve agreed on.

In the past, new car owners were forced to have their cars serviced by a main dealer to keep it in warranty, but you are now free to use independent Exeter garages like Exminster Garage for your car service. We provide services to local areas such as East Devon, Exeter, Exminster and Topsham.

Call now on 01392 824249 or contact us to book your next vehicle service.