Tyres Exeter – it is all about your safety

Tyres provide the grip to keep you safely on the road. A tyre with low tread will offer little to no grip or traction. Your tyres will also lack the ability to disperse water when driving in wet conditions and affect your fuel consumption. Did you know that a tyre with good tread is capable of dispersing 2 gallons of water per second! When the tyre tread is poor this is no longer possible which will cause your vehicle to aquaplane (slide across the water).

Your tyres should be checked regularly, in the same way that you should check your oil and water. Look out for bald patches, cracks, cords, as well as low tread depths. These are sure signs that your tyre is no longer safe and requires replacements.

We can repair your tyres
Damage to your tyre may not mean it should be discarded. We have experts in tyre repairs at our garage in Exeter.

There are certain damages that cannot be repaired for safety reasons.

Tyre repair cannot be done in these situations:

– If the tyre cords are exposed or deformed
– In case of separation or damage to the belt
– There is a fold in the inner rubber
– The rubber is contaminated with oil or grease
– There are cracks in the inner rubber (occurring when driving at low tyre pressure)
– Damage beyond the tolerances

Tyre damage and punctures

Perhaps it has already happened to you: You come back to your car, only to find that you have a puncture. In many cases, it’s just annoying and a change of tyre is all that’s needed. However, at high speeds tyre cavitation can cause serious consequences. Therefore, check regularly for damage, as defects can cause problems anywhere and at any time. Visible tyre damage may be:

– Marks and cuts
– Bumps or dents

Due to damage to the rubber mixture, water may penetrate the tyre and cause rust inside – this weakens the material. Such tyre damage may occur, for example, due to foreign objects such as nails and stones that dig into the tread, but may also be due to contact with curb and low air pressure. Even a worn tread or improper storage where the tyre has been exposed to UV radiation or oil can lead to a puncture.

Worn tyres

Many accidents occur due to worn tyres. It is not only dangerous, but can also be expensive as many insurance companies may not pay for the damage. Worn tyres should be replaced as soon as possible with new tyres. At our Exeter Garage the ordering process takes only a few minutes and you will normally have them fitted the same day. Should you be caught with illegal tyres you risk a fine of up to £2,500 for EACH illegal tyre, plus 3 penalty points.

Many customers worry that they do not know the exact legal tyre tread depth measurements that should be adhered to. We tell all of our customers to forget facts and figures and simply dig out a 20 pence piece! Place a 20p coin into the main tread grooves of your tyre. If the outer band of the 20p coin is obscured when it is inserted, then your tyre tread exceeds the legal limit. Remember to place the coin in multiple grooves around the tyre as sometimes the tread can wear on one side, but not the other, (don’t forget to check your spare tyre too).

It is also extremely important that your tyre pressures are checked regularly. This one simple exercise could save lives as tyres that are either too low, or over inflated can have an adverse effect when driving, especially at speed. If you are not sure how to check your tyre pressures our technicians are always available to lend a helping hand.