Our Top Car Gadgets for Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching. Whilst this brings copious amounts of excitement for many, the season also brings doubt and fear for some. The pressures of gift buying can be a lot to take on, but fear not – at Exminster Garage, we like to help our clients wherever possible.

Car gadgets are a brilliant, practical present for any driver. Being something you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself, they make great gifts. As vehicle specialists, we’ve taken the time to run through the must-have car gadgets for this Christmas:

A Reversing camera

Around 30% of fender benders are car parking incidents. A shocking fact considering the technology we now have to avoid such situations. That’s why this Christmas you should forget the novelty socks and invest in a reversing camera for your loved one.

We suggest Podofo’s camera. It’s high-quality and affordable. Simple!

Car Gadgets 2017

A Bluetooth Car Kit for Christmas

Bluetooth kits are vital. They have been available since 2003; when driving whilst on your phone became illegal and the government began punishing violators with 3 license points and a £100 fine. (And for good reason!)

It’s crucial that phone use whilst in the car is done safely. There are hundreds of Bluetooth kits that you can buy online to keep your friends and family focused on the roads.

These nifty pieces of gear are practical, of great value, and they make great gifts. Our pick of the bunch? VicTsing’s Bluetooth Kit.

VicTsing’s HandsFree Bluetooth Headset only costs £13.99. The kit enables you to charge your phone, answer hands-free, and play music from it (either via FM or your jack input). The screen also shows what song’s playing, who’s calling, and the voltage level of your car battery.

As we said, a nifty piece of gear! All for £13.99. This would make a great gift for anyone with an older car that lacks all the mod cons.

A Mobile Phone Holder

Less techy, but equally as important: Mobile Phone Holders are for those who want to use their phones as GPS systems.

Back in 2004, everyone needed a TomTom. Now, all we need is a 3G connection and Google maps!

One in eight UK crashes are caused by looking at your smartphone whilst driving. A phone holder allows you to drive safely while following directions, without dropping or having to hold the device in awkward places.

So this Christmas, why not treat somebody to a Mobile Phone Holder? Similar to the two previous products, there is a plethora to choose from online marketplaces. After carrying out some research, we suggest Humixx’s phone holder. This gadget is small and stylish – it blends into your car without notice as uses a magnet rather than a literal holder. And it’s only £11.99. Perfect as a stocking filler!

A Hand Vacuum

Most cars are thriving with bacteria. This means they become a breeding ground for many nasty viruses, one being e.coli. No one wants to be ill, especially at Christmas! So why not get your loved ones a hand vacuum to clean their car with?

We’ve taken a look online, and we recommend DEIK’s car vacuum.

At £26.48, it’s one of the cheapest on the market. The product uses the cigarette lighter as power and stretches the length of the car so you can eliminate every last spec of dust!

Car Gadgets 2017

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